"The Powers that Be" (or "The Powers" or simply God) refer to the enigmatic and mysterious force (or forces) that reign on the side of good. It is hard to put a solid definition on the Powers since many have their own beliefs about them. They are sometimes viewed as divine intervention. Angels simply call them the one and only God - as God might have moved these forces into motion.

No matter what the name, The Powers are real and have intervened in many ways, though no one has ever seen them face to face (except maybe angels).

Methods of CommunicationEdit

The Powers are in contact with those on the side of good through many different methods. Those include (but are no limited to):

  • Visions. Some beings might be granted visions - often mysterious, cryptic and vague in nature, but with just enough info to decipher and act upon. If the bearer of the visions is humans, the visions will cause extreme pain and will eventually kill the human overtime as the power of them cannot be held by a mere human. Demonic entities can safely handle these visions.
  • Spiritual Hosts. The Powers have certain hosts who's only purpose on earth is to communicate for them. For example, The Oracles were a mysterious spiritual entity (taking the form of male and female ancient greek-esque figures) that gave prophetic advice and often preformed miracles (turning Angel back into a vampire after he's become human).They are now part of The Conduit - a mystical place where one can speak with the voices on behalf of The Powers.
  • Ghosts . Sometimes ghosts and spirits are sent to earth in order to help and guide someone.
  • Angels. If one were to take the belief that the Powers are God, then Angels would be another link between earth and The Powers.

Many times the powers perform inexplicable miracles to aid those on the side of good - for instance, allowing the vampire Angel to enter a home he was not invited in.

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