"The Cure" often refers to the substance that was locked away in Silas ' tomb on Malaxa Island. It is said to be both the "ultimate weapon against vampires" and "the cure to immortality" for (as far as the legend denotes) the Daeva vampire species.

  • Once injested by a vampire, the vampire passes out and wakes up a human being in every sense of the term.
  • The cure that is running through their veins will always stay in their system (unlike in the show, once it is injested, it is gone for good. that does not mean how ever, there are no other ways to replicate the cure)
  • However, someone who has the cure running through her blood is mystical in nature, and is a good source of magic energies.

Katherine Pierce has injested the cure. 


The origins of this cure is largely unknown but for those who do know it - the cure was created 2000 years ago by a powerful witch named Qetsiyah (Tessa).  It was meant to cure Silas of immortality so he can die and be on the Otherside with her forever. She made this cure with the blood of a Mohra Demon and her own blood - binding the two mystically so that the demonic blood can work for any immortal being. 

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