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Slayers (or "vampire slayers") are young females with special mystic powers - given to fight against the forces of darkness.

General Notes

  • There used to be only "one slayer" throughout all the world, as a prophecy outlined, but Willow's mystical powers activated every potential slayer on earth - allowing them to tap into the power of the slayer and become full fledged slayers in their own right.
  • New, inexperienced slayers are contacted and often trained by the Slayer Organization .
  • Typically, every slayer (or "squad" within the Slayer Organization) has a watcher who helps them train and gives them guidance.


  • Superhuman Senses. They are able to tap into thier senses in order to prepare for an attack, hearing

    Slayers in training.

    sharper, seeing clearer, and sensing supernatural forces, especially vampires. After the great revelation , The Powers inexplicably granted Slayers the ability to see speed in slow motion. Therefore, they are able to track a vampire's motions if they use superspeed and react to such attacks in time. These abilities are known as "the slayer instinct."
  • Super Strength. A slayer is much stronger than a human and is stronger than most vampires.
  • Super Agility.
  • Fast Reflexes
  • Pain Tolerance
  • Durability. Can get hit by a truck and walk away from it as if nothing happened.
  • Accelerated Healing.
  • Innate Combat Skills
  • Compulsion / Glamour Immunity. Vampires cannont control their minds, which is another power granted by the Powers. However, some vampires are powerful/old/gifted enough to penetrate a slayer's mind if they aren't wearing vervain. Those vampires include Daeva Originals and Authority Members of the Ugenta Species.
  • Speed. Can be quick in their attacks and movements (even those made with vampire super speed) but is in no way capable of superspeed themselves.
  • Prophetic Dreams. Slayers will sometimes have dreams that are vague and prophetic in nature. A slayer might see herself in another time and place. She might experience inherited memories of another slayer. A slayer might be able to enter another slayer's dreams.
Constant training is a must for slayers to keep these abilities on a top performance level, especially new slayers. Some abilities, like honing senses, must be taught to use effectively.


  • Can be rendered unconscious by brute force.
  • Weapons hurt and harm just as a normal human would
  • Despite having healing powers, Slayers are essentially human. They are able to be fatally wounded, they can be affected by magic, gunshots and swords are effective. They can get sick and become fatigued.

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