After the Great Revelation , Russell Edgington effectively ended 'peace talks' with vampires when he appeared on national television and killed a reporter, then declared the 'real' agenda of Ugenta vampires. The aftermath of this event is where the Natural Instincts story begins.

Russell is one of the oldest vampires in the world, if not the oldest and he is the vampire king of Mississippi. After his lover and progeny was killed, Russell went mad and sought revenge against the American Vampire League . This is the reasoning for his extreme actions and words on national television.


"Do not turn off the camera! You have seen how quickly I can kill. Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Russell Edgington and I have been a vampire for nearly 3,000 years. Now the American Vampire League wishes to perpetrate the notion that we are just like you. And I suppose in a few small ways we are. We're narcissists, we care only about getting what we want, no matter what it costs, just like you. Global warming, perpetual war, toxic waste, child labor, torture, genocide... that's a small price to pay for your SUVs and your flat screen TVs, your
Russell Edgington's TV speech on True Blood02:33

Russell Edgington's TV speech on True Blood

blood diamonds, your designer jeans, your absurd garish Mansions. Futile symbols of permanence to quell your quivering, spineless souls. But no, in the end. We are nothing like you. We are immortal. Because we drink the true blood, blood that is living, organic and human. And that is the truth the AVL wishes to conceal from you. Because let's face it, eating people is a tough sell these days. So they put on their friendly faces to pass their beloved VRA but make no mistake, mine is the true face of vampires! Why would we seek equal rights? You are not our equals. We will eat you. After we eat your children. Now time for the weather. Tiffany?


The months of 'progress' made in earning the public's trust was severely held back. The AVL and Nan Flanagan immediately went on damage control, denouncing Russell and insisting that he is an extremist terrorist and not a reflection of the whole vampire population. Still, an influx of 'hate crimes' against vampires started to happen and the air of distrust swept the nation. The national government still outlawed attacks on vampires, but several people broke that law and the government is failing to keep order in the country.

Vampire rights activists continue to plead their case, now being the brave minority in a world once again hostile to vampires. Many vampires chose to keep low profiles for this very reason. Russell had been captured twice, and escaped both times, and is currently at large (unknown to the public though there are some whispers about his supposed escape).

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