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Unlike some other species, the Redwood Wolf does not have any primitive rivalries with vampires. In human form, they are most like humans than any other breed, without many supernatural abilities. However, with intense study and discipline, a Redwood might be able to tap into the wolf as a human a bit more. A werewolf in human form generally has no memory of the events that occurred while in wolf form, though more experienced types can.


Remember, for ALL werewolf species, V gives a werewolf an extra boost of power, making the werewolf that much harder to kill and a solid challenge for vampires. When a wolf form is on V, their eyes are red.

Also for all werewolf species, wolfsbane is a weakness but it has varying affects for different species.

Human Form Powers

  • Heightened Senses. They have an extremely sensitive sense of smell, they can sense body heat, heart rate, emotions, and other human subtleties not picked up by normal senses. They can recognize different supernatural species just by their smell and can hear from long distances.
  • Animalistic Tendencies. Their cravings for flesh/meat is heightened and some animalistic urges tend to seep through in human form (i.e. sexual lust for another werewolf and other animalistic/instinctual aggressions)
  • Accelerated Healing. Some types of Redwoods can heal very quickly.

Wolf Form Powers

  • Superstrength.
  • Enhanced Agility.
  • General Deadliness. The ability to maul, rip apart, decapitate and devour a body, or many bodies in a short time.


  • Extreme Physical Harm. Ripping the heart out, snapping their neck or decapitating them will kill
  • Tranquilizers.
  • Silver.
  • Wolfsbane. Only affects the wolf form but does no harm to the human form. It can be lethal.
  • Magic. Werewolves are susceptible to magic.

Becoming a Redwood Wolf

A bite from another Redwood wolf will make a human one of them.


Normally the transformation process is traumatic and painful; however the wolf loses memory of it once it is over. The human transforms into a wolf-like humanoid monster.

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