Inside of store with tables in the back.

Magic & Mystics bookstore is where witches can find magic items, books about witchcraft , spells, etc. The book store specializes in anything supernatural, so if you're curious about vampire lore, vampire fiction, demons , ghosts , the paranormal...its all there.

The store is run by Rupert Giles who, to anyone, is a former librarian. In actuality Giles is a watcher , and secretly, underneath the store is the Slayer Organization headquarters. He obtained the space through an old friend who he knew back when he was training to be a watcher. The friend decided to move back to Europe when the Great Revelation happened - where the idea of vampire rights weren't so acceptable. He ran a secret operation against supernaturals underneath the store, which had all the space in the world for the Slayer Organization to move in. Giles' friend was happy to give it up.

Willow placed magic glamour and other spell protection to the space underneathe the store to make it a safe place for Slayers. Going down the backway stairs, a tunnel leads to the state-of-the-art training center.

Usually Buffy Summers and the "scooby gang" hang out in the store to do research or meet up. Otherwise, to everyone who is not aware of slayers, it is a normal bookstore. Business is good due to supernatural fascinations but still modest. There are a ton of other magic shops to compete against, each one flashier than the next. But it helps that this shop has a low-key charm to it, considering that it is a cover up

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