Damon compels Caroline

Daeva Vampires and Hybrids (a mix of daeva vampire and oak white wolf) can control the minds of humans, including thoughts, desires, and memories. This is called Compulsion, and it is very much the same thing as "glamouring" someone (from the True Blood canon). It is handy for getting humans to do what they want. When daevas compel, they look into the subject's eyes. The vampire's pupils appear to dilate. They can either say what they want the human to do or think it. There is said to be a "technique" to compelling someone properly and more effectively, but that probably comes with hundreds of years of practice.

There can be some elements of telepathy to compulsion as well. If the vampire has entered a human's mind in the past and is in immediate distress, with deep concentration, the vampire can telepathically "call" on the human. The human will be able to get a "sense" that something is wrong - in addition to any strong messages from the vampire (for instance, the vampire will be able to lead the human to them). The human won't be able to hear any voices, but only have a strong urge to go somewhere or do whatever the vampire is calling on them to do. This ability is also stronger with a blood bond .

Compulsion as a whole can only work correctly if the vampire drinks human blood. If they do not, the compulsion may not work at all or only partially.

Original Daevas

Originals are the only vampires who have the ability to compel other daeva vampires, slayers, witches/warlocks (depending on strength), as well as humans as long as they are free of vervain.


Daeva vampires cannot compel a human as long as there is vervain on their person or in their body. If a daeva drinks vervain themselves, they can't be compelled by an Original. Telepaths/fairies and other supernatural creatures (werewolves, demons, wiccans, angels, slayers, etc) can't be compelled either.

A human can also train themselves to resist compulsion through years and years (over 20 years) of deep meditation and other practices to help give them better control of their mind.

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