Applying to be a were? For the "Powers & Limitations" section of your application: ''Look below for the species of were you would like to play and link to that page in your app.

Weres are people who shapeshift into animals on a full moon. The most popular (and strongest) kind of were is a werewolf but there are also other were-animals , like werepathers, werefoxes, etc . Those are seen as a lesser species than werewolves.

Werewolf Similarities

Werewolves are strong and agile predators. Across the board, they are far more powerful than humans. They could match the power of some vampires in their wolf form, but can be weaker than other vampires. There are all violent and unpleasant, ruled by animal instincts while in wolf form.

For all werewolf species, V gives a werewolf an extra boost of power, making the werewolf that much harder to kill and a solid challenge for vampires. To some vampires a certain werewolf bite would kill them. Perhaps this bid for power is why there is general hostility between the two species. All werewolves effected by V will have red eyes in their wolf form.

Also for all werewolf species, wolfsbane is a weakness but it has varying affects for different species.

Some vampire species are hostile to werewolves and vice versa.

Breeds of Weres

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