We advise all vampire players to read this page, as well as the page of your specific species, in order to get a clearer picture of how the vampires fit into the world of Natural Instincts. This page outlines vampire politics and how the different species relate to one another.


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Daeva - The Vampire Diaries vampires

(Also see: The Daeva Originals )

Animinus - Buffy and Angel vampires

Solemus - Being Human vampires

Ugenta - True Blood vampires

Mortuus - Supernatural vampires

Commonalities Edit

All vampires, of any species:

  • drink blood.
  • can die by a wooden stake. (except for a Mortuus vampire)
  • can form a blood bond with a human. (a psychic/emotional/physical connection, depending on the species, after exchanging blood)
  • are expected to abide by the laws of the Ugenta Authority - even if the vampire is completely clueless about the authority, many ugenta vampires relentlessly will punish other vampire species if they break a rule. Read more about this below.
    • Current Monarchy:  King (Bill Compton), North Sheriff (Marcel Gerard), South Sheriff (Eric Northman)
  • carry V , which is just another name for vampire blood. V, when consumed by a human who is not injured, especially excessively, will feel as though they've taken a strong hallucinogenic drug. Affects may vary depending on species and person. In the Ugenta laws, it is illegal to sell V.
  • will experience a charge of strength and pleasure, likened to an aphrodisiac, when drinking the blood of special non-wiccan humans (slayers , doppelgangers , fairies , etc). Vampires are extremely attracted to some of these special humans (noteably, fairies) and their blood.


A helpful chart:

Mortuus Daeva Animinus Solemus Ugenta
Blood Can drink any blood for max. strength anything but human blood makes vampire weak Can drink any blood for max. strength human blood craved, but not needed to survive. Only human blood satifies, anything else pales in comparison.
Age No effect The older, the stronger. A 500 yr gap makes big difference. The older the stronger. Only a millennia gap makes a difference. The older the stronger. Only a millennia gap makes a difference. The older the stronger. Only a millennia gap makes adifference.
Accelerated Healing None Yes, very fast Yes, somewhat fast Yes, somewhat fast Yes, very fast
Wood as a weapon (when not used on the heart) Not effected Is more painful weapon than other materials. Is slightly more painful. Makes no difference Makes no difference
Mind Control No "Compulsion." Can manipulate dreams too. No No "Glamour."
Fast Reflexes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Flying No No No No Yes
High Jumping Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Pain Tolerance No Depends largely on human blood intake. None, though mental will power (just like humans) can effect this. None None
Sensitive Hearing

Yes - extremely


Yes - extremely sensitive Yes - much better than a human Yes - much better than a human Yes - extremely sensitive
Superspeed No Yes No - though slightly faster than a human No Yes
Super Strength Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sunlight Harms like a sunburn but doesn't kil Burns & kills - unless vampire has a Lapis Lazuli ring. Burns and kills Irritates Burns and kills slowly. Must sleep during day.
Need to be invited in homes? No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Vervain No effect Weakens and can kill No effect No effect No effect but protects from glamour.
Can see reflection? Yes Yes No No Yes, as long as no silver is in the material
Can be videotaped/photographed? Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Religious items No effect No effect Repells and burns Repells and burns if owner does not hold any affections for the vampire No effect
Effects of V for humans (outside of drug-like qualities) No other effects Can heal humans No other effects No other effects Can heal humans
Senses can pick up: blood, the smell of other beings. blood, the smell of other beings. blood, the smell of other beings, faint scents, difference in species. blood, the smell of other beings, faint scents, difference in species blood, the smell of other beings, emotions, difference in species
Silver No effect No effect No effect No effect Burns and restrains

The Authority/Ugenta Monarchy and other vampiresEdit

Ugentas are the most public and most well known of all of the races, being the leading force of vampire public relations during the Great Revelation . The Ugenta has a vampire hierarchy called The Authority, that is meant to apply to all vampires. However, Ugentas simply did not know about some species and/or did not see them as an issue - thinking the Ugenta race had more power anyway, so they were left alone.

Since the Great Revelation, however, the Authority has been working to change this, by negotiation or by force. Firstly, through the American Vampire League ( AVL), Nan Flanagan has made televised statements to other races - a plea to join the Ugenta cause and submit to the Ugenta institution and their laws.

Rumors state that the Authority has talked with and recruited some of the most powerful of all the races. The people the Authority might have hired to join the council are Dracula (a very powerful Animinus Wiccan), some very old Mortuus vampire, Klaus (the oldest Daeva vampire) and maybe another Original, and one of the "Old Ones" of the Solemus species. Of course, these are all just rumors.

In addition, knowing the authority wants to rule over all races, many of the Ugenta hierarchy tend to jump the gun and treat younger vampires of other races as if they were beneathe them. Some have killed vampires who blatantly disobeyed the Ugenta laws (or subjected them to a tribunal ) regardless what race or if they consider themselves under the hierarchy or not. This, along with rumors of their most powerful vampires in the Authority, puts pressure on other vampires to submit to the hierarchy - though not everyone buys into it.

The Great Revelation and VampiresEdit

Any vampire who is "out" and makes a big effort to appease/live with humans are said to be "mainstreaming." However, this was short lived once a vampire named Russel Edgington declared war on the human population. Due to hostility, it is now in the vampires' best interest to keep a low profile, even though some brave activists and other public vampire figures try to regain vampire rights and freedom to be "open" about what they are. As of now though, vampires are severly discriminated against, hated, and often killed - treated as a national threat.

Previous SecrecyEdit

There are four known types of vampires. They were all once generally unknown to each other because some species did a better job at keeping secret than others, especially those who have structured hierarchies - often dedicated to making sure vampires stay secret. Traveling vampires, however, might have encountered other species of vampires but assumed their differences were due to magic forces or thought the vampire was a different demonic half breed. Those who research supernatural forces, such as watchers and some hunters - are aware of these different species of vampire.

General RankingsEdit

If one were to put rankings on each species - in terms of age, power, and influence - they would would probably go as follows from highest to lowest:

1) Ugenta Vampires (the most public). Their species contains many of the oldest vampires ever in existence that are still alive today, vampires who have survived the test of time. Their tight nit, age old monarchy solidifies the species and makes them that much more powerful.

2) Animinus Vampires (the most demonic). Because their species is the most demonic and high in population, they take a second ranking. Animinus vampires seem to have a talent for winding up in positions of power within the human and demonic world.

3) Daeva Vampires (the most impulsive/passionate). Despite their impressive vampiric abilities, they are of a younger species, younger than the solemus. Many of them don't survive long enough to become extremely old and powerful. However, the return of the originals might change their ranking.

4) Mortuus Vampire (). Lower in rank because they are the most rare and they have groups that "hunt" on the internet. Plus they can't kill their victims by feeding because a dead man's blood harms them.

5) Solemus Vampires (the most human). Because they are the most human of all the species, they are the least ranked. Many of their oldest vampires have not survived due to the Solemus Vampire Holocaust.

Vampires and WerewolvesEdit

Some vampires (those of the Ugenta , Daeva , and Solemus race) are instinctually hostile to werewolves , however they could completely not buy into that hostility if they do not want to. Still, werewolves might see vampires as an enemy and vice versa.

Below are the different vampire races. Place these pages into your application when you fill one out.

Vampire SpeciesEdit

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