The American Vampire League (AVL) is the leading force of vampire public relations and rallies for the Vampire Rights Amendment . The league operates under the Authority and is the voice and the face of Ugenta vampire communities.

Steve Newlin is the main spokesperson for AVL and he frequently appears on television shows to argue against anti-vampire sentiments.

There are AVL offices and sponsored vampire clubs set up in all different areas to increase communication and trust between vampires and humans.

The AVL also have V-Feds at their disposal, granted by the Authority. They act as a personal swat team to enforce the laws of The Authority.


Field Team - those who go out in the city to work with organizations and business to promote the AVL agenda, the networking team.

Communications/PR Team - consisting of official representatives for the AVL, only the head rep getting direct instruction from the Authority. This team sends out press releases and handles the media

Research Team - conducts research and tests on behalf of the Authority in regards to public opinion/approval rates, but most importantly other races of vampires.

Scholarship/Charity Team - works to raise money for scholarships and affiliated charities.

Administrative Team - The AVL has a 24 hour hotline for vampires who have trouble fighting against their urges. The admin team also handles paperwork, payroll, and public inquiries.

Vist AVL's website here .

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