Applying to be a SPN were? For the "Powers & Limitations" section of your application: Link to this page.

Like the Redwood weres , these weres hold no particular rivalries with vampires. They're the most humanoid like of the other werewolves, turning into more humanoid carnivores than a wolf itself. It's also stated that they're cousins to SPN Skinwalkers .

Remember, for ALL werewolf species, V gives a werewolf an extra boost of power, making the werewolf that much harder to kill and a solid challenge for vampires. When a wolf form is on V, their eyes are red. Also for all werewolf species,wolfsbane is a weakness but it has varying affects for different species.

Human Form Powers

In their human form, they aren't much more advanced than a regular human. They're strength, speed, and senses are all enhanced, so that they're stronger than an average human, but weaker than a vampire on average would be, and weaker than they would be in their wolf form.

Wolf Form Power

  • Enhanced Strength - They are much, much stronger than a human and can put up a good fight with a vampire. They can easily rip apart both human flesh and bones.
  • Enhanced Speed - They move much faster than both humans and wolves.
  • Enhanced Senses - All of their senses are much more keen, especially their sight, which essentially turns into a form of night vision.
  • Powerful Claws - Strong enough to cut through solid walls.
  • Agility - Can perform incredible jumps easily.


  • Silver - They can be seriously injured or killed with a silver knife or silver bullets. Contact with it is also extremely harmful.
  • Wolfsbane - Only affects them in wolf form, is extremely harmful although not lethal.
  • Magic - All werewolves are susceptible to magic.

Becoming an Almus Were

To become an Almus, all you have to do is come into oral contact with a were while it's shifted - ideally a bite. The next full moon you change into one.


For an Almus, it's considerably less painful and much quicker. You have to be asleep for the transformation to occur - which can happen on both full and half moon. However, if you aren't asleep during this time, you will not shift, and merely have your body try to the next night. When you shift, you grow long, sharp claws, get wolf-like eyes, and sharper canine teeth - which resemble fangs, if nothing else. Often, weres suffer from memory loss, and can be unaware of their transformations and everything that happens during these nights.

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